Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jim – The Trainer

this all Happened last year, I live in Society, and our society have 70 houses, 30 tenements and rest flats. I must thank our society builder, all this happened due to him. Our Builder had allotted a private Jim for Society purpose only with club house too… It had multipurpose Equipment, Cycle, walker, twister and weight lifter. No one use to use Jim hat frequently.

Now I being a Engineering student use to study out of town. Last year when I came for my Sem break. I and my society friends thought of renewing the Jim. We maintained all equipment and also raised fund in name of membership. As it was Private Jim, this time ladies Also took keen interest in shopping themselves (it all due to money they gave). As I was elder of all responsibilities was on me.

Now during this period Mr. and Mrs. Sharma shifted in our society, we also asked them to be member of or Jim. They were ready and paid on spot. Now the story Begins, Mrs. Sharma (Rita) was in her 30’s she had good figure 34-28-36. And she was fair and of medium height. Her husband was on high post in some private company so use to come late. One Day as I was in Jim doing Exercise she came in club for her first visit, she was wearing red sari and was looking Real Sexy.

I greeted her and also showed her around, she was impressed by the management and was eager to start her work out, but she needed a trainer. Now till date no ladies use to come in Jim so no need of lady trainer was there, and we boys knew all basic exercise so we never had trainer. I asked her that I will arrange a lady trainer, she said “its ok with me if u can teach me.” i was bit shocked and was happy also. Who wanted to miss chance to be with such a beautiful lady. I agreed.

Then we fixed time it was 8:00am in morning as his husband use to go at 7:45am. As i was on vacation it was ok for me. I was excited and woke up early in morning. I went to Jim at 7:30am as i was eager to meet her. At 8:00am sharp she came in. She wore a track suit and a Jacket. After small hi hello.. i asked her to warm up by walking on tread mill, that time she took her jacket off… Oooh my god she was wearing a sleeveless tight T-shirt with her nipples visible over the T-shirt. I was staring at her.

But I controlled myself and ask her to walk on it. While walking her breast use to move up and down, I thought that she must not be wearing any bra. that day as it was her first day I asked her to do only walking and cycle, This all continued for 3 days, after that on fourth day, I ask her to do multipurpose equipment for her back and legs joint this time while showing her the method I touched her accidently..

Oooh my god it was electrifying. She was smooth and soft. This gave me instant erecting. She also noted a tent on my track. I was ashamed but i controlled and showed her other methods. But now she was touching my body willing. She also enjoyed teasing me. I also never said anything as I love looking her huge breast with nipple visible on it and also liked her touching me. I use to masturbate thinking of her. Now the day came. She was early in Jim. As no one use to Come so late(due to early timings of Job) she was all alone in Jim when I came.

I was surprised seeing her early. I asked “U r quite early” she replied “Yes my husband went out of town due to office work early in morning so I woke up early and thought of coming early” then we started doing out workout. That day she weighted herself and she was happy as she had lost 1kg weight. That day she invited me at her place for coffee. As I always want to go at her place I accepted it. After workout we went to her place. Her flat was on top floor.

She had really beautiful house. She welcomed me in and asked me to sit. Then she went inside and started making coffee. When she served me coffee i saw a mysterious smile on her face. We knew each other for last 15days so we were as friends. That time she asked me did i had any girlfriends? I replied negatively as No one in my society knew about my affairs. She was shocked and started to smile.

We then talked general and she stood up and asked me to stay while she took bath as she was accepting milkman to come that time and asked me to open door for it. As she went to take bath in her bathroom which was in her bedroom she kept her door open. I was sitting in such a way that I could see the dressing mirror in her room from my place. And from mirror reflection I can see her bathroom door. The near view of door made me aroused.

Now I was waiting for her to get out of bathroom so that I can get good look of her sexy body. Min. after she opened her door and I was astonished she was totally naked there.. I totaled aroused. I got full 6″ erection she speedily wore her white panty and white gown. while wearing gown her eyes fault on mirror and she saw me. she was surprised and gave a smile too. I thought that this was my day. She came outside and ask me what did I saw,

I replied nothing. Then she asked pointing towards my dick “what is this?” I was ashamed. She touched my dick with her hand and I felt shock of 440v in my body. She started feeling it and slowly slipped her hand under my track. I was in no condition to stop her I was in haven. I was feeling so great that I never came to knew that she made me half nude. Then she started jerking my dick.

And also started to lick it. I was feeling really good. She pointed me towards her bedroom and we went there. There she made me lie down on bed and stared making me nude.. I also started feeling her breast. They were stiff and soft too. As I made my finger roll over her breast she started moaning. I also took off her gown and there she stood in front of me only in white panty. i hugged her and kissed her on lips. The kiss lasted for 15min. then I suddenly remember foreplay as I had seen in one of the prone films.

I made her lie down on bed and I went to her kitchen. I took few ice cubes and a butter and came back to her. Then I blind folded her eyes and Said ” this would be most Happiest Fucking for u” I bit her ears and started to kiss her on neck and back. Then I took one ice cube and stared to rub on her back. She jumped due to this surprise. but as I kissed her back she got relaxed. then I rubbed ice all along her back and licked the ice trail.

She was getting excited and was getting warm too. Same way I did on her breast and licked her breast. She was so much excited that she holds me tight against her. Now I took an ice cube in my mouth and started to rub it on her panty.. it was already wet due to pre cum. and smell was really wonderful. I slowly removed her panty and to my surprise she had clean shaved pussy. i was excited and started rubbing ice which was in my mouth on her pussy lips.

She was jerking her pussy against my mouth. As ice melt i licked her pussy. She was enjoying it so much that she caught my head and forced it in her pussy. I also enjoyed licking her pussy and i did tongue fucking, she got really hot and started shouting I m coming, I increase my licking speed and she came on my mouth, she was totally exhausted she opened her blind fold and gave me a big smile. She said that she never had such a pleasant and wonderful foreplay. She thanked me and said that now it’s her turn.

We switched placed and now she came upon me. She started licking my balls and my dick. I was in 7th sky. I really felt nice. I hold her hair and made her movement more speedy. She also co-operated and was enjoying giving me blowjob. After few min. I came in her mouth. She drank whole of it and gave me big smile. As I was exhausted too we both hugged each other and started to kiss one other. This hugging and kissing made us hot again and this time I started rubbing her pussy. She was also excited. she asked me to wear a condom,

As I didn’t have condom at that moment she gave me one from her husband’s stock. She placed condom on my dick and also complimented that my dick was bigger than her Hubby’s. Then she said that she wanted our fucking session in women on top style, as she wanted whole control. I agreed to it and she sat on my dick. it was difficult inserting her pussy but she bear the pain and took my whole dick inside her. She sat that way for few min. and kissed me on my lips.

Then slowly she started the movement, she was enjoying the control and use to stop in between so that fun last longer. then slowly she increased speed. And we both moved our body in rhythm. She was enjoying and was making sounds too. oohhhhhhh aaaahhh…Love u Aarsh… It’s really fun… Oooohhhhhhhh good I also got aroused by her sounds and I also started giving speedy jerks. After few min we both Came at a same time and we both hugged each other.

She was so much pleased that she hugged me and gave me 20min. continues kiss. Then she went to bathroom and kept the door open. I followed her there and there she was waiting for me. she turned on shower and we both started taking bath. I started folding her breast. and started applying soap all over her body. While doing so my dick got erected again. she hold my dick and applied soap on it.

It was so hard that she looked at me and winked. I also nodded and we again had a fucking session. After all that she was so happy and looked so fresh that her beauty was doubled. She said thanks and said that all this was due to me and my strong dick. On next day again after Jim we had our fucking session. Now whenever I come home after vacation we do fucking session.