Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sex With Virgin Professor

This is not a fiction but a true story. This was in the year 1994, that I had just completed my MD in General Medicine. I was then 25 years young, medium height, medium built, fair. To get some relief from the scorching summer of plains, I spent 2 weeks with one of class mates in Manali, to which he belonged. His father owned a hotel and apple orchards.

One evening I got attracted to a group of girls & women, who appeared to be tourists. They were walking down the main shopping area, while we drove past them in the opposite direction. They were well dressed and appeared to be from upper class. My friend was married and his wife was also with us. I do not know why I liked to see that group again. I asked my friend to drop me there as I needed to buy some personal items like, shaving cream etc.

His house was not far away from that place, so I told him not to worry and I would walk down myself after I finish my shopping. I did not know why I got so obsessed with the idea to see those women. I entered the market and walked past shops one by one. At last I found them waiting for their turn at the famous Rivoli Restaurant. I stood by them pretending to be a customer. The group consisted of 8 women and one 4-5 years ‘old girl.

The youngest woman, the prettiest of all, was about 23-24 years of age, she was holding the hand of the child. She was about 5’-3” fair, with attractive features and sexy figure. Wearing well designed dark blue colored sleeveless Punjabi suit, with dupatta around her bare arms. I kept waiting for the vacancy and after 10 minutes or so we all got seats. They sat at two different tables. I was lucky to get a table with 2 chairs, just across the beautiful woman.

I was face to face with her and was within the hearing distance. They ordered food and so did I, though I was not hungry at all. From the conversation, I came to know that they were lectures at a college. I looked at her intermittently. My penis started arousing involuntarily, as the idea of befriending and kissing her rosy lips kept coming to my mind. I tried to overhear their talks. I could understand that the young woman’s name was Taji and she was to take up her new assignment at a college at Patiala.

I was excited because I was graduate from medical college of the same city and was to join as a doctor in the hospital attached to the medical college. She caught me looking at her face and I smiled at her, trying to show mannerism. Surprisingly, she smiled back. They were staying in the HP Tourism hotel. We finished eating almost at the same time. I paid my bill and a fat tip to the waiter. Then I went to a shop to buy shaving cream and other stuff, so that my bluff was not caught by my friend.

Throughout the night I could not stop thinking of her. Her sexy figure was always in my mind. At night I had arousal and I could not help easing by masturbating. My eyes always searched for her in the streets of the town. I wanted to look for her at the hotel they were staying, but my friend would not let me go alone anywhere, and I did not want to share my secret with them at that stage.

After two days of wild search, I was too fortunate to spot her again at a park by the riverside. This time she was with only one young woman. The girl child was with them. Luckily, I was alone that day, as my friend and his wife had gone to attend a social function. I pretended as if I had not seen them and started taking pictures of the flowers with my camera. As we came across, I said hello and they replied.

I gently introduced myself and intentionally mentioned that I was to go and join my employment at Patiala. The woman with her was Amita and she was more frank. Both of them were not married. They told that rest of the group members had gone to Bhuntar, but since the child was not well they stayed back. The child was niece of my “ Sweety”. Amita was more friendly and talkative. I offered them lunch. While Taji was little reluctant, Amita agreed. We went to nearby

Chinese’s food restaurant. We shared our contact information and agreed to remain in touch.
I checked up the child. She had mild fever due to throat infection. I purchased medicines for her. Before parting, I offered them a trip to Bhuntar, which they had missed that day. Thy thanked for the offer and told that they would contact me, if the time and situation permitted. I called them 2-3 times to enquire about health of the child. She had fully recovered with the medicine and they thanked me for the help.

Three days later I received a call from Amita that they were ready for the Bhuntar trip. I was too excited that I did not sleep properly. I confided with my friend about the development and he was too happy to offer his car ( a Maruti Gypsy) to me for the trip. Next morning I picked them up from the hotel. Amita quickly got into the back seat with the child, named Sumeet. Taji had no choice but to be seated with me. I stealthily looked at Amita to thank her and she smiled at me. Rest of the group had taken a day off to rest.

We all set out for the 3 hours journey. Through our way we chatted and availed the opportunity to know each other. That was a memorable day. Taji had opened up with me a bit more. They were to leave Manali the next day. They requested me not to meet them anymore because they wanted to keep our meeting a secret. I returned to Patiala, a week later. I got surprise call from Amita telling that both she and Taji joined at the college and gave their phone number. They had rented a house nearby.

I also joined my job. I started meeting with beautiful women, whenever the opportunity arose. One day , I went to meet her at their home. Taji complained of fatigue, dizziness and weakness. I checked her vitals and told her to get blood tests. Next day I got her report. They came to my hospital and I told her that she had a very low B12 level and suggested that she should take five Vitamin b12 injections. I told her that I would come and give injection on the next day.

Next day, equipped with disposable syringe and needle and a vial of B12, I reached her house at about 2:00 clock. I knew that Amita would come around 4:00 PM. I was too pleased to see my sweet heart in pink Punjabi sleeveless salwar kameez, with matching chunni wrapped around her bare arms. I was too excited. After taking a glass of water, we went to her bed room for the injection.

I wished to give injection on her butt but she unfolded her dupatta, and got ready to get injection on her arm. Oh, my God she had so beautiful arms that I could not help my arousal. I asked her to lie down on the bed to get the shot on her buttock, but she insisted for the arm. I glanced at her arms. She had very fair, healthy, spotless and shapely arms, except a small dot size BCG injection scar on her left shoulder. I swabbed the deltoid area of her left arm with alcohol pad and inserted the needle.

Intentionally, while administering the injection, I pressed her bulge from the cut of her shoulder. Her cleavage was driving me crazy. She let me feel her bulge. After finishing the injection, I gathered courage, and almost dragged her into my lap. I put my lips onto hers and had a very deep kiss. While my left hand was holding back of her head, my right hand was scrolling up and down her let arms. I put my hand at her left boob through the cut of her shirt’s shoulder. She started breathing heavily and so was I.

I tightened my grip and while continuing to kiss her and fondling her breast. I felt her nipples which had become larger and stiffer. Then I started kissing her bare back and neck and the lower. My hand went into her salwar As the middle finger entered into her vaginal opening, which t was wet with orgasmic fluid, with a jerk she separated herself from me, breathing more heavily and murmuring hii……paul….. .

I lost no time, picked her up in my lap and made her lie down on the bed., and stated kissing her again. My right hand opened chord of her salwar and removed it from her body. She had silky, very fair, muscular thighs. I removed her pansy flowered panty and discovered her neatly shaven pussy. I caressed her clitoris with my finger, while lips locked. She started responding by slight moving her buttocks back and forth. I took off my pants and underwear and was ready with my fully erect,

7 inches long and healthy penis. I put her hand on my penis and she started playing with it, while still lip-locked position. I put the head of penis on her love hole. It made her crazy and she started moaning. With gentle strokes I started entering and withdrawing my penis into the love hole. Her virginity membrane was still intact. Then with a full thrust, I broke her virginity seal and she moaned with pain. The I started gentle strokes and later deep ones. During next 10 minutes of fucking she reached her orgasm at least twice.

II also reached my orgasm and ejaculated into hers, without caring for conception.
Later we kept on meeting and had more sex encounters. I gave her monthly depo provera contraceptive injections to avoid pregnancy. We enjoyed sex for next three years. Then she got married to an army captain, who later became my friend,. But as a gentle person, we never had sex after she got married.