Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Real Promotion - iv

Taking me by the wrist he guides it towards her oozing cunt. Maigod - he wants me to finger her. Now it's my turn to feel uneasy. I taper my first and second finger and nervously slip them in between her thick lips - a bit of searching and I find the hot wet opening. I hesitate a bit wondering if she can tell the different feel of these new fingers - his hand on my wrist urges me deeper and I worm my way in till I am buried to the knuckles. Another moan from her - she likes it! It hot, tight and overflowing with her fluids. Gently I work my fingers caressing the slippery drenched sheath, slowly in and out, gradually increasing the length of my stroke. His hand on my wrist moves up, takes my thumb and directs to her anus. Are we going too far, I wonder. The crinkled bud resists. I lubricate the tip with mucous off my fingers and try again. This time it yields to the pressure and I am in. It is my first feel of a rectum and I am amazed at the forceful grasp of her sphincter. Pushing my thumb deeper I gently explore the wondrously silky smooth sheath. It clutches me firmly, even deep in, and I can imagine how exquisite its tight hold would be along the full length of a cock.

I begin to finger fuck both her opening, slowly. Very soon her hips take up the rhythm and she hunches back to each thrust of my hand. Eric moves his mouth away. Now he is not even touching her! Tania likes being finger-fucked? Oh yesss Saah…..oh noooo…oh pleeeease…I am soooo close…don't stop now….oh don't stop that…..oh yessssssssss. Her hips buck driving my fingers deep as her breath explodes in long rasping gasps. As the spasms wrack her body, her anus contracts hard on my embedded thumb with each explosion. I am amazed at this discovery. Eric holds my arm stationary through her orgasm and even minutes thereafter. Then he urges it to begin the ebb and flow again - his mouth is back laving her slit, worrying her clit. Surprisingly in a short while she again explodes - this time even more strongly, moaning loudly Naaaaa…ohnaaa. Eric is relentless with his tongue and mouth and my embedded fingers don't let her rest either - time and again she peaks, her anus contracting as her cunt milks my fingers. Finally she pleads - Oh Saah, please take me. He gets up and takes her in his arms as I quietly slip my fingers out of her clinging wet sheath. Was that good for Tania? Uummm - she murmurs.

He turns her around, slowly, till she faces away from him. Picking up the cushion he places it on the stool. She senses what he wants and bending from the waist lays her head on it. Without any urging, she spreads her legs apart and thrusts her buttock up in the air - the classic hump-me posture. Her back is barely a foot from my face. The heavy pink globes of her buttocks split open to reveal the tiny reddish puckered orifice of her anus. Just below, the plump lips of her vagina are slightly parted showing the fiery red slit of her vulva. Eric angles her so that his body will not obstruct my view. He pumps up his penis, pulls back the foreskin and runs the massive head up and down her cleft coating it with her juices. A brief search between those puffy lips and he finds the slot.

Holding his penis he eases a little of the head into her. Now firmly connected he shifts his hold to her waist and crouching slightly he begins to nudge deeper and upward with barely perceptible strokes. His massive penis stretches her opening impossibly and as the engorged head finally is pushed in, she let out a soft Awooo. Jeez honey you are tighter than a ten year old virgin - is it hurting? A little Saah, oh but please don't take it out - its just that its so huge. He is amazingly gentle - pulls a little out - pushes a little more in. Gradually with each thrust he burrows deeper till she has swallowed half his length. Now he begins to hump her with steady lengthening thrusts as more and more of his burgeoning shaft is driven up her until finally, with a Take that you hot cock-sucking bitch, he jams the last inch deep up her. He stands very still, relishing I am sure the moment of conquest and savouring the hot suck of her unused vulva.

She is the first to move - only her hips, a barely perceptible hunch down and then up - down again in grinding motion clearly seeking to force more of him up into her. Its getting nice, hum Tania? Oh Yeessss Sah…oh pleease do it to me now. My face is almost touching the hip near me and my eyes are glued to his thick penis as he begins withdrawing it in slow motion. Inch by inch the hard pink monster is unsheathed - it comes out mucous coated, her vagina clinging wetly, a tight red rimmed ring. He draws it almost completely out - only the foreskin covered tip connects them.

The air is thick with the smell of her juices as his cock begins its push into her again and he begins to fuck her in earnest - the slow withdrawal and rapid thrust. Very soon she has got used to his size - at first with short jerks she meets his thrusts but then in minutes she begins to hump back in wanton hunger. Each time his loins slap into her buttocks, her overfull flesh of her buttocks jumps and undulates in a waves. In no time at all she begins to mewl and moan. Tania likes to be fucked like a bitch - likes being a slut for Eric - yes? Oh yessss I love being sluty for you ….Oh yesssss…. and with another Yeaassssssssssssss she hunches back to drive him deep up her. He freezes, buried hard up into her, letting her orgasm throb and explode.

Up this close I can see the crinkled bud of her anus spasm with each explosion. Shortly he begins humping again - his cock slipping in and out of her lubricated opening easily now - the rhythmic slap of his thighs against her haunches is punctuated with Take that you fucking slut…up your tight red hole…oh this is heaven. I bring my fingers that were up her cunt, to my lips - they are still wet with her fluids, and slip them into my mouth - the taste is faintly saline and the heavy musk of her womanhood floods my senses. I move my thumb delicately under my nose and breath in the pungent mix of anal-vaginal odours. Very close to the edge, I begin to stroke my erection. The smell, taste and sight are all too much for me and I am not able to control myself - I feel the first tingles creep down my back and then up my anus to my cock as I explode in long hard throbs.

It's a while before I regain my breath and become conscious that he is still pumping her - but I am drained with the tension of the past hour and need to get up from my cramped position. Carefully opening the bar door I slip out. Eric looks at me quizzically and I point to my sagging penis from which a lengthening glob of semen is hanging.. He smiles and gives a thumbs-up. I slip into my clothes and stagger to the high back chair and flop into it, completely pooped.

I must have dozed off for a while as a loud OH JEEEEEZ brings me to my senses. I look at my watch - I had flaked out for over forty minutes! I turn to the mirror - migod he is still at it! He has her up against the bar now, biting her shoulders, neck, mouth - whatever. Crouching behind her he fucks her emitting loud grunts of pleasure. Even from where I am sitting I can hear the hard slap of his thighs against her buttocks. With each upward thrust her whole body lifts and her naked breasts jounce wildly. Tania's head is thrown back in complete abandonment, eyes unfocused, mouth open, her face is screwed up as if in pain. Oh I'm so clooose…. Ohmigodyeeeeesss and she is flying again. This time though Eric is peaking also - with a shout OoohFaaaaack he thrusts hard one last time, biting into her shoulder - his body shudders and I know he must be shooting his load deep up her quivering cunt. There is no movement from either of them for minutes on end. Finally he raises his head, turns her face and kisses her mouth tenderly. He says something I cannot hear. But she nods and gives him a soft kiss.

Suddenly conscious of her nudity, she darts a quick look towards my chair and pulls up her dress to cover her breasts. She whispers something to him and he says - Well let me go and check. He comes around the bar and walks to the chair I am sitting on. He is fast asleep - I told you so, he calls back to her. He pretends to wake me up - Hey Buddy you missing the best part of the game. Is he referring to the cricket! I get up pretending to be groggy with the booze, Sorry Sir, I passed out! No problem - time for another drink. We walk to bar - I deliberately totter a bit.