Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Real Promotion - ii

Eric whistles. Now isn't that cool? She stands quietly before him; eyes downcast, tugging at the hem of the skirt, trying to cover the exposed bit of her buttocks. He walks behind her and takes both her fussing hands away. Now turn slowly, he says and as she obeys, the dress creeps up stopping just below her crotch - but three inches of her pink rear has slips out. Eric laughs. Well, isn't that downright naughty - come let's drink to it, saying which he draws her behind the bar. After pouring Scotch for both us he asks Tania - And for you princess?

Oh Saah (that's how she pronounced 'sir') I really don't drink. He insists. But you must - a small sherry to warm you up - its sweet, and if you don't like it we will throw it away. There is a stool behind the bar and taking her by the waist he lifts her onto it. The move causes the cloth to bunch above her waist and hikes her skirt up further. His eyes drop to her hips and I can guess that her crotch must now be exposed. The TV is on and India is struggling against Australia in day-night OD. Eric and I discuss the game while we sip our drinks. He stands facing Tania, and every now and again his hand casually drops below the bar. Each time he brings it up, he pretends to stroke his thin moustache - but his flaring nostrils give him away!

After a while he no longer bothers to remove his hand from whatever it was up to. I begin to get steamed up imagining what he is doing with her. With a poker face, looking at the TV, he begins to get suggestive - In the block hole…that's a tight length….now that is what I call a sticky wicket - veeery slippery indeed Buddy! Tania is biting her lip, her face suffused a deep pink at his insinuations. She sits with her elbows on the bar, hands cradling her chin, pretending too hard, to watch the TV. I turn away from them and do the same!

In a while, from the corner of my eyes, I see him fiddling with his pants. He bends and whispers something in her ear. As if not wanting to draw attention to it, her hand drops from her chin to the bar top, and then ever so slowly moves to the edge, remains there a minute before dropping out of sight - it is the slyest maneuver of all evening. I guess he must have his cock out and she has it in her hand. Is she squeezing and tugging him, sending electric shock waves through his body? My own is on fire and I can barely breath as I slip my hand into my pocket to massage my arousal.

Two more overs are bowled before Eric suddenly breaks the mood with, Hey Buddy your glass is empty! I turn around. Tania, slow to react, jerks her hand up guiltily. Looking abashed, she mumbles an excuse and hastily escapes to the bedroom. When she has gone, he brings his hand close to my face. Just look at that, he says. Glistening mucous covers his first and second fingers all the way up to the knuckles. She fell wide open at my first touch and I had it jammed all the way in! And you should have seen her jerking my meat - I tell you Buddy, she is wet, hungry and itching for it. Taking my glass he very deliberately smears the rim with her slime. Cheers, he toasts after the refill. As I sip, the heavy musk of her cunt wafts up - my cock is now almost bursting.

Okay time to get Phase Two on the road Buddy, Eric says and taking the stool and places it behind him. Half sitting on it he waits for Tania to show up. I cannot see it but his posture suggests that his erection must be pointing at the ceiling. The bedroom door opens and Tania heads towards us. God look at those jugs jiggle - and truly with every step each of her breasts sways and dips with a life all their own, the sharp pointed nubs clearly discernable as they dance shamefully under the thin cloth. Tania walks with short steps holding down the hem of the dress on either side of her hips. Very conscious of the lascivious sight she presents, she moves quickly with her head bowed, avoiding our eyes. Without being asked, she ducks behind the bar but falters as her eye drops to Eric's lap. To hide her confusion she quickly turns her attention to the TV - but the secret smile on her face tells its own story.

Time to give them space - I make an excuse that I want to watch the match more comfortably and move off, as planned, to a high-backed winged chair in front of the TV. The chair hides me completely from their direct view. To the right Eric has cleverly placed a large mirror such that I can see them from my position. Tania is totally unaware of this since the mirror is completely off her line of vision which is directed to my chair. As soon as I sit down, Phase Two shifts into high gear. Eric moves behind her and slips the thin straps off her as he begins to bite and suck at her shoulder. His hands move around cup her breasts. Taking her teats and he begins to tug and roll them between his fingers and then very deliberately he pulls the dress down.

The naked globes leap out, the pointy nipples, stiff and red with arousal. She makes a feeble attempt at pulling up the cloth, gesturing franticly in my direction. But he ignores her. He lifts his face from her shoulder leaving behind a deep red bruise. Taking her face in his hand he now squeezes her cheeks till her mouth pouts, moist and open. He runs his tongue along her lips - slowly he licks, plays with them, nips and sucks them as if feeding on some sexual organ. Her mouth is slack and open and she soon she begins returning his kisses with wild abandon. His mouth drops to a nipple - as he sucks the turgid teat he begins to fondle the other breast; squeezing almost painfully and then with a delicate touch raking his fingernails over and around the hardened nub. His other hand is busy with her lower body. She keeps casting fugitive glances in my direction - eyes languorously half shut, mouth open, breathing heavily - it is obvious her lust is on a boil.

I unzip and release my painful erection - a few squeezes and I am in full bloom. In the mirror Eric is devouring her mouth. His hand below the counter comes up; wet fingers spreads her juices over her lips and then slips into her mouth. Eyes closed, she sucks them, moving her head in a slow back and forward motion. He says something to her - she smiles, hesitates and after quick look towards my chair, her head disappears below the bar. She is up in a minute licking her lips slowly. Again he devours her mouth. Of her own she pulls away, checks me out, before going down on him again - this time for much longer. I can hardly believe it - Eric has triggered a side of her I have never seen before - the complete slut. When she comes up he takes the cushion off the stool and drops it in front of him. No words are spoken as she sinks out of sight.