Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Real Promotion - v

Tania avoids my eyes as I climb onto the barstool. She is standing up - her face is flushed and her lips have been sucked and licked clean of lipstick. The large bite mark on her shoulder, unseen by her, is turning purple. Eric stands beside her, a smug look on his face, and pours both of us drinks. The game on the TV is heading in the predictable direction - we have lost both our openers cheaply and the next two have gone for duck. Our conversation revolves around the game but its not long before I notice Eric sidle closer to Tania. One hand holds his drink, the other has dropped behind her; I guess it must be caressing her exposed rear - maybe probing her anus getting it ready for his next assault! Phase Three is imminent and no one objects as I head back to the high-back chair. In a few moments I look at the mirror to find Tania missing - Eric is looking down at himself, a tight smile on his face.

He knows I am watching and gestures a second time in the evening for me to approach. Again I slip out of my pants and underwear and under the bar top. She already has him in her mouth and is suckling on the bulbous head loudly. Once fully erect, he lifts her up and begins kissing her. His hands move around and grab each ballooning buttock, squeezing and mashing them. Spreading them wide, he begins to worm two fingers slowly into her until they are imbedded upto the knuckles. She moans quietly into his sucking mouth. In the next move he has her again bent over the barstool with her rear upturned, awaiting his pleasure.

Thick white gel of his cum oozes from the reddened orifice of her vulva. He dips the helmet of his penis in it- oiling it, running it up and down the drenched crack and then in one smooth thrust, buries himself deep into her. This time around he is impatient and begins fucking her straight away in a steady rhythm. In no time she is mewling and moaning as the first waves of pleasure hit her. Time and again he brings her to orgasm until she is crying out Oh Sah you can do anything you want with me….I am yours do with as you please.

Encouraged, he slowly pulls out his enormous tool, slick and slippery with her slime. Holding her anus open with a thumb on either side, he shifts his hips forward till the massive bulbous head nudges the crinkled opening. He tries entering but his penis bends in a bow as her anus resists this invasion. Easing back, he dips into her vagina, and then places the re-lubricated head again at the tight opening. Holding himself with one hand, he tries again and this time her sphincter yeilds as half the head pushes in. She moans loudly Oh pleeese Sah…please slowly…its hurting. He pulls out again, coats himself once more with her vaginal mucous - this time he forces the head in almost completely as she whimpers loudly.

Now with the penis well anchored, he grips her hips on either side, and begins to move in and out in short strokes - the head disappears. Oh Sah it is hurting too much.. pleeeease you are too big. Tania does not wish to please me? Oh yes Sah…its just that no one has done this to me before and you are so huge… it really is too big…please Sah. Sloooowly Tania, slowly.. you will see… you can take it all. He pulls out again. My eyes, inches from her rounded globes of her buttocks, can see that her anus has begun to gape a bit - a shallow inverted red cone. He bends and drops a large glob of spit into it - with his fingers he works this into her. For the third time he slips into her vagina - then up to her anus, the mucous-coated head slipping in easily now.

Very slowly now he begins to force the wide shoulder of his penis into her. Unlike the head, this all-hard unyielding muscle and as the immense girth begins to stretch her rectum impossibly, she cries out and tries to pull away from him. He draws out a little and then with a sharp thrust breeches her sphincter fully and drives half his cock into her. She screams into the cushion. He stands very still allowing her time to adjust to the terrible stretching of her anal muscle. He starts to draw back - Oh stop, stop, please stop…pleeeese don't move Sah…don't mooove pleeeese. Slowly Tania…you have it in almost fully…it will be much easier now. On no Sah..its hurting too much….oh noooo - she goes on and on as he begins to slowly bugger her. With each thrust he drives it in deeper and deeper till the last inch is buried all the way in.

He waits, breathing heavily, his hips pressed hard up against her buttocks, savouring, I am sure, the exquisite sensation of her stretched rectum clasping the full length of his enormous penis. Impatient now to get on with it, he begins to hump her slowly. Each time he withdraws the rim of her anus is dragged out almost half an inch, stretched pink-white, glistening with mucous. This close I can hear the soft liquid sound of friction and smell the faint odour of her excrement. His cock seems to have grown larger with excitement but her anus seems to have adjusted a little to his size. He pulls it out completely and dips it again into the juices of her vagina.

Her anus in now a gleaming inflamed pit and he no longer has to pull it apart to accept him. Unaided he directs the bloated head to the small orifice and with a nudge his head hooks into her. In a long smooth stroke he slips it all the way in and begins to pump her rectum. Oh Tania this is the ultimate…you are just so tight I can hardly hold out. Please Sah…pleeese finish quickly, she begs him. I lightly play with myself and despite not wanting to end it so quickly, I am suddenly there and lose it in a long string of explosions.

As I creep out of the niche I hear him grunt Okay Baby, last round. I flop into the chair and see him stand her up against the bar. This time her face grimaces in obvious pain and she is biting her knuckles to keep from shouting. His hands are on either side of her on the bar and the top of his body leans away from her as he looks down to where he is connected. Unlike his rapid-fire humping of her cunt, he now sways in slow motion, relishing, I am sure, the exquisite sensation provided by the hard clasp of her slick rectum. It is not difficult to imagine the incredible thrill he was experiencing. Oh Tania I am almoooost theeeer he gasps as he jams it in one last time and she lets out a keening Aaawooooo….ohgod nooo. I look at my watch - we have been at Eric's for almost three hours - god, I think, what stamina! I ofcourse again pretend sleep - I am not sure Tania is fooled any longer.

That evening, after changing, she drove me back home, as I was 'too gone'. After this Tania was on call twice or thrice a week - he would leave office early and take in three to four hours with her - she would return and tell me she had been to the club or somewhere. Weekends, I would drop her off at his place on the way to my golf - as she was taking 'computer lessons' from him. Her 'uniform' for these meets was the same dress she wore the first evening - in transit she would wear a denim skirt with a loose shirt over it. A week before Eric left, the 'Big Man' from Munich arrived to formalise my position. A 'private' evening was arranged for him at Eric's place - I could not attend as I 'suddenly took ill'., Tania, in her 'uniform', drove there on her own. She came back at five in the morning. That day when I got to office, I found the letter on my desk. I had been appointed MD, not just for India, but the whole of SE Asia.