Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Real Promotion - iii

Eric catches my eyes in the mirror and urgently beckons me to approach. I take off my mocs, tuck in my erection and creep to the bar. It has a flap that you raise and a door below it, opening outwards, that lets you in - the perfect niche to hide in. Short of the bar, Eric gestures for me to take off my trousers and underwear too - not part of the original plan, but I comply - what the hell, it is his party. Seeing my erection he smiles and gives me a thumbs-up. Eric has planned it well, I think, as I silently enter and crouch in the dark cubbyhole. Tania's back is to me and he is holding her head in both hands, covering her ears and blocking her outer vision - just in case! Once I settle in, he put his hands on his hips and watches Tania gorge herself on his cock. Kneeling on the cushion, arms resting on his spread thighs, she suckles him.

Her skirt is bunched around her waist, the ballooning pink melons of her ass fully exposed. I can see only one side of her face as her head bobs in a languid rhythm, jaw fully distended, cheek hollowed out in suction, she savors every inch of the turgid flesh held in her mouth. She emits an occasional ummm.. ummmah from deep down her throat that mingles with soft liquid slurping sounds - shamelessly displaying her enjoyment. Soon she releases his erection from her mouth and moves back, allowing me my first complete look at Eric's cock. He has not exaggerated - its sensational, both in length and breadth. My six inches feels a midget by comparison!

Surprisingly for a European, he is not circumcised and she has still to uncap the bloated head. The foreskin is stretched drum-tight and a bit of the glans is revealed at the tip. Her fingers wrap around the slippery foreskin as she peels it back till half the blood-shot head emerges. Again her mouth is on him - sucking on the exposed bit she tastes his core for the first time. Liking it she wants all of it now. With her eyes riveted to his erection she gradually drags the taut membrane all the way down.

Like some primeval serpent his erection glistens and throbs, held captive in her hand, the exposed helmet an angry crimson. Behind the ridge of the crown, a ring of thick white residue has congealed. Haven't washed it for days honey - real stinky, isn't it? he asks. Moving closer she brazenly sniffs him, her nose skimming the fetid flesh from one side to another. Holding him low she presses him to her cheek in a slow massaging motion, then across to the other cheek. I have no time to duck back as her face half turns towards me - but with eyes closed and she is fully engrossed with his cock. In a while she has 'wiped' him clean - a few white flecks stick to her cheek.

Tilting her head a bit she begins to nibble the sensitive underside while her fingers lightly titillate and caress the crown - she just cannot get enough of it. Tania likes to suck Eric's cock? His voice is tight voice. For an answer she moves forward and her lips in a tight 'O' slips over bloated head ever so slowly till she has it fully in her mouth again. He stands up and, holding her head in his hands, begins to slowly hump her mouth. For my benefit, he turns her slightly so that I can better see her stretched lips clamp around his thing as he eases it in and out of her. It is amazing how much of his organ she is able to take in and how she is able to stretch her jaws wide enough to avoid her teeth scraping him - but it is clear she is providing him excruciating pleasure. Oh yesss.. do that with your tongue…no no not like that…..oh yessss like that….just liiiiike thaaat you sweet cock-sucking bitch …right there… Niiiice…. That's soooo nice…. Too soon, it gets too much for him. You had better stop right now or I'll blow, and I don't want that. He eases back and her mouth comes away with a load sucking sound. Would Tania like Eric to fuck her now? Ever bashful she nods imperceptibly. Say it. Put this in me - she wags his cock. Put it where? Between my legs…in my…up my…...hole. It's a whisper.

Fuck your red hole I will, but first I gotta to taste that honey-trap of yours! He lifts her up gently and faces her towards the bar - right next to me. Pulling the cushion over, he now kneels behind her. His face is in front of me - he winks! Spread your legs, honey….more …a little more…now move your ass out…yeah stick it out…gorgeous. A leg behind the bar, the other is stretched across the opening under which I hide. Her pubis has moved inches in front of my face and the heavy musk of her womanhood is all-pervasive. In the shadows, I can see the puffy hairless lips as they taper down; the moist cleft open slightly. Now hold your bum open, he calls to her.

Dutifully her hands reach back to spread her buttocks. His face disappears between the heavy globes and he begins to slurp her anus noisily. A hand moves up her spread thigh, to the thick lips and two fingers gradually slip up into her drenched cunt. Oh Saah if he turns around he will catch us like this. Her unease is obvious, but this does not stop her from holding her butt open as he sucks and licks her anus, grunting with relish. His fingers are moving in a slow steady rhythm - delving deeply in a cork-screw motion. He moves back a bit. Now your butt hole - comon now really stick it out…pull those fat cheeks apart…yeah like that. He takes his fingers out of her cunt and moves them back. Jeez you got a tight bum - I can barely get my finger in. There now….slow and easy….all the way in….oh yes just look at it squeeze…now another finger. She moans.

Hurting? Aaah Saah, pleeese. Okay, okay. Oh baby I really love the smell of your bung hole mixed with your cunt juices. With a loud grunt he buries his face back into the soft folds again. His fingers move back up into her cunt and his thumb is now teasing her clitoris. It is not long before she begins to whimper softly - Please Saah…oh pleeeese Saah…I am…oh noooo…oh noooo its… I am so close …oh pleeeeese….. With a choked Ahhhnnnah, suddenly her legs clamps together, trapping his embedded fingers. Her body bucks as her orgasm rips through her.

He stays silent and still, waiting for the last spasm to pass. Then he slowly turns her around to face him. Gently he separates her legs. The round moons of her buttocks now faces me - the haunches tight with anticipation of what was to come. Lean back against the bar…now stick that fat juicy cunt in my face. He is sniffing her like a dog with a bitch in heat - Ummm umf god you have a hot smelling cunt. Sticking his tongue out, he slips it into her crack, takes a lick, and then clamps his mouth over her cunt laving and teasing her clit. A soft groan escapes from above - she is on a high again. He reaches between her legs for my hand. I am surprised - what is he upto?